Tienes una mente de gente pobre? Lea esto.

Children play outside their home that has been turned into a large dumpsite by waste from leather industries in Hazaribagh area near Buriganga river in Dhaka. Most industries based in urban area in Bangladesh pollute environment but leather tanneries probably do the worst damage. Hazaribagh, Dhaka?s leather processing zone, is right in the middle of one of the most densely populated residential area. About 194 leather processing industries operate here and freely dump untreated toxic wastes directly to the low-lying areas, river and natural canals. The pollution is seriously affecting the livelihood thousands of people, bringing it to brink of an environmental disaster

Nuestros hábitos y costumbres afectan directamente nuestras posibilidades de progresar económicamente, quizás muchas de nuestras costumbres del día a día no nos dejan avanzar en ese aspecto que tanto anhelamos y que se nos hace tan difícil conseguir.

Genial.guru nos recuerda 7 Costumbres que siembran pobreza en nuestra mente.

Seguro ayudará a más de uno.

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